Wednesday, November 27, 2013

More Isabel Marant for H&M

Isabel Marant pour H&M cream turtleneck sweater, Etoile Isabel Marant pants and Dicker boots
I have a problem; every time I set foot inside an H&M, I end up leaving with another piece of Isabel Marant for H&M. I should be satisfied with my launch day haul (and I do love everything, have been wearing pieces everyday) but the collaboration is so good, I always end up finding something that I just have to take home. This cream men's turtleneck is an example. I had my sights set on this sweater in the cardigan version in either men's or boys, as I have always loved Isabel Marant's Yosemite / Yoan sweaters, but both versions were gone by the time I got to them. They let the first 25 people in line in the door 15 minutes early to shop childrens and mens, so they cleaned out everything by the time the doors opened. I haven't seen it in the stores at all, which is why I grabbed this turtleneck when I saw it. It definitely is big on me; it's actually a men's size L, but I love the design so much that I had to bring it home, at least to ponder it further. It is so soft and cozy; wish I could find it in a smaller size, but I will keep this one if I can't, which is a longshot.
This scarf was another example. I've admired, but have never purchased, Isabel Marant fringed scarves, as they are quite pricy and I'm not much of a scarf person. I was so focused on the clothes and shoes from this collaboration that I didn't pay much attention to the accessories, and by the time I saw pictures of this scarf, it was long gone. I found it today at the H&M on the promenade as I was headed to the farmer's market for some Thanksgiving shopping. Must be meant to be! It's like a smaller version of the Isabel Marant Yuli scarf, really lovely, 100% silk (but rustic feeling), and I prefer it to the women's fringed scarf, the color and pattern is easy to incorporate into any wardrobe, giving a nice finishing touch to any outfit without being overwhelming.
As for other pieces that I picked up post launch, I got the silk black and white patterned blouse and silver bomber jacket for my mom that I am going to be borrowing a lot, as well as some basics from the kids line. Love this collaboration!

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