Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ivivva vs. Lululemon: Scuba Hoodie and Wunder Under Alternatives

Left: Size 4 White Tinted Canvas Lululemon Scuba Hoodie, Right: Size 14 Prosperous Purple / Grapealicious Ivivva Hoodie Stitch
 The Lululemon Scuba Hoodie and Wunder Unders are two of my favorite staple Lululemon items; I pretty much exclusively wear Wunder Under Pants and Crops for working out (except for running) and the Scuba Hoodie is so warm and cozy for lounging around my chilly house as well as for walking the dogs in the cool Santa Monica evenings. Ivivva is actually the girl's line from Lululemon, but I've found that I can fit into some of their larger sizes, and many of the styles and fabrics are identical between the two lines. The fabric for the hoodies are pretty much identical; the main design differences are no stretchy ribbing on the Ivivva Hoodie on the arms and the sides, so it's a little looser fitting, Ivivva pocket is mesh lined with an interior key / phone pocket, as opposed to fleecy, the Ivivva thumbholes are horizontal slits rather than vertical slits. The size 14 Ivivva Hoodie is longer in the body and wider in the sleeves and body than the size 4 Scuba Hoodie, but the sleeve cuffs are shorter. Hood size seems identical. Only caveat is that I haven't tried zipping up the Ivivva hoodie (since I'm 38 weeks pregnant), so I'm not sure how the fit across the chest / shoulders is. As for the Wunder Under comparison, the Warm'er Tights are actually made of running luon, which is stretchier, softer, and warmer than regular luon, which is what Wunder Unders are generally made of. I think the Ivivva Rhythmic Tights are more similar in terms of fabric and style to the Wunder Unders. The size 12 Ivivva Warm'er Tights are a little narrower and shorter than my size 4 camo Wunder Unders, but to me the fit is about the same, because running luon is a lot stretchier, and Wunder Unders are too long for me anyway. Also, running luon doesn't turn see through when it is too tight, unlike regular luon, so a slightly snugger fit is acceptable. I like the bright colors and fun details of the Ivivva line; I think workout gear should be colorful and bold, more inspiring that way. Best part is, Ivivva is a lot cheaper than Lululemon, both these pieces were 60-70% cheaper than the Lululemon version. I actually bought these pieces from Zulily, though I've also purchased directly from Ivivva's online store. In the US, Ivivva is currently available only online, but I hear that they are looking to open brick and mortar stores soon. Ivivva is definitely worth checking out if you love Lululemon!
Size 4 Scuba Hoodie on Top, Size 14 Ivivva Hoodie on the bottom
Left: Lululemon Size 4 Camo Wunder Under Pant, Right: Ivivva Size 12 Grapealicious Striped Warm'er Tight


  1. Awesome! So would the warmer tights not really be a great thing to run in though?

  2. It's too warm in SoCal to run in running Luon, but would be great in cooler climates I would imagine!

  3. Alooooha! I absolutely love your camo WUP! I've been looking everywhere for them and have had no luck :( You have the perfect size so if you ever do decide to sell those please let me know I would looooove to purchase from you! Thanks pretty lady :) Xo!



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