Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Report Marks Boots and Madewell Sweatshirt

Madewell sweatshirt, Uniqlo jeans and Report Marks Ankle Booties in Cognac
Two of my latest fall purchases: the Report Marks ankle boots and Madewell sweatshirt. I'm on a self-imposed shopping ban until Asia, but couldn't resist these two purchases, with the justification that I will get a lot of use out of them on my trip and for the next few months in general. I've been looking for the perfect pair of ankle boots with a heel for awhile; I love the Isabel Marant Dickers, but they are forever out of stock in my size (37), not to mention pricey. I've done a lot of research for similarly styled ankle boots and settled on the Report Marks in cognac. I wanted a slip on style without a zipper as the zipper could cause abrasion with leggings / tights (I know it sounds ridiculous, but I was really disappointed when my beloved Fryes caused pilling on a new pair of Lululemon leggings), plus with a 20% off coupon and at $99, they were the cheapest amongst all the similar ankle boot styles (and a lot cheaper than the Isabel Marant pair, which go for $600+). I am surprisingly pleased with them, they are actually quite cushioned around the sides and at the soles and the heel height is perfect for a little height but very comfortable and stable. I've worn them around town with a good amount of walking and they are as comfortable as a pair of flats. I bought the Madewell sweater mostly because it was on super sale for only about $13, plus I love the super soft and cozy heathered sweatshirt knit.
Isabel Marant Dickers. Image from More intricate detailing and slightly more Western style


  1. I love the way you've rolled up the jeans to show off the boots. I have the Aldo Qualheim boots, and am currently looking for a Dicker-inspried boot in black with a brown heel. (Most of the black versions have a black heel.)

  2. Thanks! I looked at a few Dicker inspired boots before settling on this one, including the DV Jamison, Steven by Steve Madden Pembrook. I'm quite happy with the Reports, they've held up quite well and are quite versatile. They have a black version, though I'm not sure of the heel color.

  3. I've also been looking at the Jamison and Pembrook. What made you buy these ones? They all look so similar and I don't know which ones to buy! Help meeeeee. You look really good in those btw! They have them in Beige as well, don't they? Or are yours ones the beige ones?

  4. I originally wanted the beige / sand reports but they were sold out of my size. I quite liked the Jamison's, they fit closely around the ankle bc of the zipper and therefore were overall more slimming. I didn't get them though because the zipper would have pilled / snagged against the leggings I wear most often. The reports and Steve maddens are quite similar, but I find the reports to be more cushioned on the footbed and therefore more comfortable. My friend had to put inserts into the Steve maddens. Plus the reports are cheapest of all! Hth!

  5. I was doing a google search on these boots and they led me to this post! I see in your more recent posts now that you have the Isabel Marant version, but this version sure seems all right as well. love this outfit, btw :)

  6. Are these boots 100% suede or are they man made?



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