Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Original Mitsui

Meals in Taiwan are usually either several hour 12 course affairs or casual street food eats like noodles and dumplings. Our meal at Mitsui (Sanjing) was definitely in the former category. We've gone to Mitsui on our previous three trips, although this was my first time at the original Longan Jie location. It's always a crowd pleaser for high end Japanese.  Japanese food is very popular in Taiwan and usually the cuisine of choice for locals to take out-of-towners. We had 12 people so ordered a set menu family style. We had everything from sushi / sashimi, grilled fish and meat, bbq seafood, hot pot and stolen birthday cake. We definitely left stuffed but everything was delicious as usual.
Abalone salad
Fried salmon
Sashimi plate (for one person)
Grilled prawn
Uni and yamaimo
Seared scallop
Bbq king crab legs
Deep fried soft shell crab
Grilled fish
Sushi platter
Seared beef
Seafood hot pot (we were already full at this point)


  1. taro fried durian!! even if it's not included in the set dinner i always special order it :)

  2. I've only tried Durian once...a chocolate durian dessert at Mozaic in Bali a few years ago. Never again...



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