Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lululemon Savasana Wrap Review

Lululemon savasana wrap in Heathered Sand Dune / Sand Dune Strata Stripe
Updated image of my coal Savasana Wrap (and a Gratitude Wrap!) here
I picked up a Savasana Wrap on sale today at the Lululemon in Brentwood. I've always liked the look of the Savasana wrap with the asymmetry and oversized collar which can be buttoned in a variety of ways plus savasana is my favorite yoga pose ;), but at $118, it was always too expensive for casual non-technical work-out wear. At 50% off, I still had to contemplate about it in the store for awhile, as it was final sale, which is the annoying thing about all Lululemon sale items. I hesitated because I would have preferred a darker gray or black (although in retrospect, I now like the lighter color since all my yoga bottoms are dark), and plus it was a size 2, which is a size down from what I normally wear in Lululemon tops. I like the fit in the body and arms, a size 4 might have been too baggy, like on the website model, but it is snug in the shoulders; I hope it doesn't end up annoying me. We called around to all the other local stores but they were sold out of both 2s and 4s. I was also surprised to find that there were no thumbholes; I am so used to the thumbholes on Lululemon, I love them. The inner lining striped pattern was bold at first, but now I really like it; it would be a little boring otherwise. I usually wear the Lululemon Define Jacket as my to and from workout coverup, but this will be warmer in cooler weather as well as for travel and general lounging around. I haven't bought any Lululemon since January (except for the stock) so I've done pretty well in controlling my addiction.

Update #1: sadly, I decided to pass the wrap along to my friend M. It's partly mental but I keep on focusing on the tightness in the shoulders which is really annoying. I know that I wouldn't wear the wrap as much which would be a waste. Besides, it's a jacket and meant to be loose and comfortable for layering and hanging around. It's too bad, because I do really like the fit everywhere else and the color as well. Learned my lesson again though; I should just stick with my regular size no matter how good the deal is, as I always end up disappointed if I size up or down. I've tried on several size 2 tops in Lululemon before and they always fit fine, except in the shoulders. I'm by no means tall, but at 5'6", my shoulders are just a little broad.

Update #2:  I just received my Coal / Strata Stripe Savasana Wrap that I tracked down online on sale in a 4 and it fits perfectly. I am so happy that I didn't stay sized down, even though a lot of people have recommended sizing down. It doesn't look bulky at all and I'm wearing it over a button down shirt and jeans and I'm so comfortable! The seams all fall very straight and the pockets also are in an easily accessible position. Perfect for this Cali June Gloom weather that we've been having. I do miss the lighter Sand Dune color, but I'm very happy to have something that fits. Updated pictures to come.
Lululemon savasana wrap with Lululemon run:dash crops
I also tried on the new Let It Loose Tank, which looks similar to my favorite No Limit Tank, but I didn't like it at all. I didn't like the feel of the outer sheer luon fabric; it was a little clingy and cottony feeling, I prefer the cool silky circle mesh of the No Limit Tank more. Plus, I didn't like the stiff pleats at the top of the outer sheer luon layer; I prefer the more natural drapey gathers of the No Limit Tank. Overall, the No Limit Tank flows so much better, due to the fabric and construction. They may look similar in pictures, but are quite different in real life.
Photo from Lululemon

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