Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lululemon No Limit Tank Review: Coal / Purple Crush and Aruba

I've had Master P stuck in my head all day...thanks to the return of Lululemon's No Limit Tank.  The No Limit Tank is one of Lululemon's most popular tanks but for some reason, they usually only produce limited quantities and the tanks sell out very quickly.  My local store told me they were just released, so I immediately walked to the store with the dogs to check it out (yes, it's very dangerous to live within walking distance of Lululemon).  It's a very simple and comfortable almost tunic-like tank top with a lightweight mesh fabric over a flow Y bra.  I bought the No Limit Tank in the coal / purple crush combo as well as in aruba (light turquoise).  I can't decide between the two tanks, but I really should only keep one.  The coal / purple is definitely more my style: I love purple crush; I love all things purple, particularly pinkish purple like purple crush.  I have a lot of potion purple, a lilac and very violet CRB, and lolo purple define jacket and reversible wunder unders.  I also have quite a few things in coal, including dance studio pants (which I wear almost everyday) and run: dash crops; it's a little less severe than black, though it's less forgiving and sometimes shows more sweat more than black.  The aruba is such a fun and energizing color on the other hand.  It sounds weird but I feel like the happy color would motivate me to push myself harder when working out; I usually prefer bright peppy tanks.  I do have a river rock CRB that is a very similar color however; that's my primary hesitation.  I must make a decision between the two No Limit Tanks though, I really shouldn't keep both tanks!  Thoughts? I also tried on the all black No Limit Tank as well as the White / Pique No Limit Tank, but the black was a little boring and the white was too see-through. I find the No Limit Tank fit on the small side; the purple and coal is a little smaller than the aruba with thinner straps that dig into my shoulders a bit, which gets annoying after awhile, but I stuck with my regular size 4 in both anyway.  (Update: I went back to the stores and tried on a bunch of 4s until I found one that was comfortable.  They seem to vary noticeably. The size 6 that I also tried on wouldn't be supportive enough for running.)   It is the perfect top for this crazy 80 degree heat wave we've been having; I've been wearing it around town with the dogs and I was very comfortable.  I'll be wearing it both for running as well as yoga (update: great and stays put for running and yoga; rides up for spinning).  This color combo hasn't been released yet online, so all I have are some photos in poor lighting.  I don't get good light at any of the full length mirrors in my place.

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