Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The September Issue - Inside Look at Vogue

I missed this documentary in the theaters, but finally watched it on DVD last week.  The September Issue is a documentary about the making of Vogue's September 2007 issue.  Vogue has been my favorite magazine forever; I remember reading every issue starting from age 10.  There is no other fashion magazine that even comes close, in terms of its influence on the fashion industry and consumers.  I thought the documentary was really interesting; like most people, I am both frightened of and reverent of Anna Wintour: she has amazing taste, but is so incredibly intimidating.  This documentary was the first that I've ever seen of her talking and interacting with others in depth.  It didn't make her any less scary, but I definitely found it insightful.  It was great to see how Vogue works behind the scenes and the effort that goes into producing a single issue, as well as to meet some of the other cast of characters, including Grace Coddington, whom I previously only knew by their byline, but now really admire.  Since watching the documentary, I especially look out for all the editorial spreads by Grace; she produced the most beautiful work.  This documentary probably won't appeal to anyone not interested in fashion, but a definite must-watch for fashion addicts like me.

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