Friday, January 14, 2011

Persimmon Toast

We are on persimmon overload over here as they are so perfectly ripe right now and I hate letting food go bad and throwing it out.  For lunch yesterday, I basically had my persimmon salad on a piece of toast and it was equally delicious.  The persimmon is so soft that it can be spread like a jam and the result was delicious and decadent.

I made it to the Lululemon Brentwood run club last night and it was a lot of fun; I highly recommend it for anyone in the Brentwood / Santa Monica area.  Instead of running the same trail every week, they like to mix it up, which is good because you are actually working on improving your running.  Last night, we did about 1.5 miles run, with a bunch of big hill repetitions in between.  It was great; I'm not usually a hill runner, but I managed to keep up.  I find running with a group of people to really push me harder, which is great.  It's way too easy to give up on your own.  I'll try to make run club a regular part of my workouts, we'll see how successful I am.  They usually have one of their ambassadors, a marathon runner, lead the run club, but he was out of town this week running a marathon.

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