Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lululemon Run: Dash Crops

I've been pretty good over the two months at keeping my Lululemon purchases under control; I've only bought a couple of Cool Racerbacks on sale (lilac and river rock).  At this point, my collection is pretty complete: I have several yoga pants and crops, lots of Cool Racerbacks (6 total) and tanks, a few running skirts and shorts, gym bags, accessories, and a couple of jackets.  I love and wear everything; I pretty much go through my entire wardrobe with the exception of the more seasonal pants and shorts over my two week laundry period.  I was missing a good luxtreme running crop / tight; I only have the Run: Zoom Knee shorts (which I love), but I wanted something that I could wear in cooler weather to inspire me to run more in the winter.  Indeed, I haven't been running much at all; I ran for the first time in a month over the weekend and found my usual 2.2 mile loop around the golf course to be a little tiring.  I think I'm going to try and go to the Lululemon run clubs around me more regularly.  As a little motivation, I bought the Lululemon Run: Dash Crop in Coal / Haze on sale today at the Brentwood Lululemon.  I've had my eye on these crops for awhile; I really like the little reflective ruffle which is not only cute but useful when running in the dark, plus I like the slightly longer length (they are almost more like pants on me than crops since I have such short legs), which provides more warmth and also will not bunch up as much around the knees, which drives me crazy.  I find the diagonal seaming on the front as well as the seams on the back to be slimming, always a good thing! I'm a little hesitant on the coal color, which definitely shows imperfections more than black, but I can't really complain since it was on sale.

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