Sunday, July 4, 2010

Get Out and Run

I blame it on the warmer weather, which just makes me want to go outside and run, play golf, ride my bike, swim or go to yoga class, but over the last few weeks, I've spent way too much on Lululemon: 2 crops, 4 tops, 2 jackets, 2 shorts and a visor.  Good news is that everything (except the visor) was significantly on sale (check out the stores and website for big discounts); bad news is that it still is a lot of clothes in a short period (though I would argue that I needed every single piece) and Lululemon is still relatively expensive.  I really made sure to buy pieces not just because they were on sale, but also in good base colors like black with my favorite matching accent colors like potion purple, senorita pink and angel blue and in my exact size.  As most people know, I adore purple and hot pink, and I particularly love the Lululemon versions of these colors, which they change every season, so I figured I would stock up before the colors are discontinued.  I've also found that the technical aspects of Lululemon's clothes really hold up, they really do wick moisture and dry quickly; whenever I hang my various yoga pants to dry after washing, the Lululemon ones dry within hours whereas the really thin cotton of my American Apparel pants or Hardtail tops take over a day and a half to dry.  Their clothes really last; the crops that I got last year still look brand new with no fading and fit just like the day I bought them, with none of the pilling that my newer Lucy pants have all along the seams and the fading issues, particularly with black.  Now that my collection is complete, I vow not to spend another dollar on athletic apparel for at least the next six months.  I've already put the new clothes to lots of good use this weekend; yesterday I tested out the bike shorts with a long bike ride to Main Street for brunch and along the beach bike path and today, I went to the free yoga class inside the Lululemon store. Picture of some of the new additions:
L-R: Run:Zoom Knee Short in potion purple, Flashback Jacket in potion purple, Flow Y IV in senorita pink, Tracker Tights in potion purple, Vita Organic Tank in potion purple, Flight Running Visor in angel blue, Gather & Crow Crop in savage green, Layer Me in potion purple (not pictured: reverse groove shorts, Mynah Jacket in angel blue and Cool Racerback in potion purple)
Yesterday, based on a recommendation from a friend, I went to Top to Top in Santa Monica to replace the 5+ years old running shoes that I bought online.  Before Top to Top, I always bought whatever running shoes were on sale in colors that I liked.  That might explain my various knee and lower back issues that bother me when running.  At Top to Top, they spend a lot of time watching you walk without shoes on and analyzing your gait before bringing out a bunch of shoes to try on.  I pronate slightly and have a high arch and relatively wide forefoot, so they brought out various Asic, Saucony, New Balance and Nike for me to try on.  I was amazed at how comfortable, supportive, light and cushy all the shoes were.  I also realized how ill-fitting my previous running shoes were.  I ended up going with the Saucony ProGrid Guide 3 shoes because I found them to be the most supportive all around the foot.  I felt very light; ready to run a couple of miles.  You'll be paying full retail price, but it's worth it.  I also found that the same shoes weren't cheaper online at Amazon or Zappos, so I was satisfied with my purchase.  Initially, I wasn't a huge fan of the electric blue color, but they are growing on me.  Plus, it matches some of my Lululemon buys :).  I jogged a bit in them with the dogs, but I'm looking forward to going for a real run today or tomorrow.  I highly recommend going to Top to Top for all things running, and don't forget the $5 coupon on the website.
Yesterday was a busy, but really enjoyable day of running around.  We started by biking down to Urth Caffe and meeting up with friends for brunch.  After a short stroll around Main Street, we biked down to the beach bike path that runs along the ocean and biked towards home.  It was a beautiful day for biking around; it really felt like we were on vacation.  Everytime we bike on the beach, we always vow to do it more often, but somehow time always gets away from us.  There's always too much to do, too little time.  We ran a couple of errands around town for a bit and stopped at Top to Top for the running shoes, and then took the dogs for a nice long walk.  I made one of my easy summer pastas: organic heirloom cherry tomatoes, basil, organic spinach, fresh mozzarella with fusilli pasta, based on Giada's recipe (with my addition of spinach for more greens).  After dinner at home, we met up with friends for drinks at Rush Street in Culver City.  All in all a great day.
Today, we got up bright and early and I went to the free Lululemon yoga class while K. went to play golf.  I'm prepping and cooking this afternoon for mom's birthday meal tomorrow, and later in the afternoon, we'll be heading over to Venice to a friend's house for a BBQ and fireworks.  Another busy day!

Top to Top
2621 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica, CA  90403
(310) 829-7030

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