Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July and Boating

For the fourth, we had a nice BBQ at a friend's house in Venice.  We had a very festive spread of food, including a very patriotic red white and blue dessert pizza.
His sweatshirt actually had an insulated pocket specifically for beers
 That's Bojer. Look at that face!
After sunset, we headed west a couple of blocks to the beach to watch the fireworks.  Unfortunately, I haven't quite figured out how to take pictures in the dark.  We were well prepared with blankets and jackets, so it was pretty nice to relax on the beach at night with a bunch of friends and watch the fireworks.
The next day, we went out on our friend's boat from Marina del Rey and boated south, past El Segundo, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, to Palos Verdes and back.  It was a nice day for a boat ride; although a bit chilly and overcast, it was still nice to be out on the water see LA from a different perspective.

Random pirates and revolutionaries rappelling down the side of a house

We also got to see lots of wildlife that we don't normally see, including a bunch of lazy, fat seals around Redondo Beach and a school of dolphins.

Those are dolphins in the distance
 Palos Verdes

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