Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Total Eclipse

I finally managed to drag K. to see Twilight: Eclipse on Saturday night.  To keep in tune with pop culture, I read all four Twilight books, which honestly, I found to be pretty terrible.  I was surprised, given that I do have a soft spot for idealistic love stories and vampires (separately), but I found the books to be rather insipid and the characters irritating.  The fourth book was downright awful.  Of all the books, Eclipse was my favorite and I was convinced that the movie would be decent, at least with all the fight scenes.  I didn't bother to see the first two movies in theaters: I just borrowed both from the library and I'm glad I didn't waste the money.  I'm not sure if it's because K. was sitting next to me and I was just imagining seeing the movie through his eyes, but Eclipse was pretty bad.  It was incredibly slow and rather boring, and I found the acting / writing to be particularly cheesy.  I definitely cringed during several scenes.  Oh well, maybe we should have gone to see Inception instead.

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