Monday, July 19, 2010

LA Saturday

Z and I enjoyed a lovely typical LA Saturday.  We started with a free 9am yoga class by the pool at the W hotel.  The weather was perfect; it was warm and the sun was shining, but we were in the shade, so had the best of both worlds. It wasn't a very difficult class and I didn't particularly like the teacher (last week's class was better), but it was a nice way to stretch and wake up in the morning. After our free mimosas which we enjoyed in the cabanas by the pool, we went to Top to Top (again) where Z also picked up a new pair of running shoes; coincidentally the same pair as me!  Despite being across the country from each other, we will hopefully inspire each other to go running more.  After Top to Top, we spent a leisurely couple of hours browsing Fred Segal. Although we didn't buy any clothes, we enjoyed checking out the wares; Fred Segal always has such a well-edited, albeit pricey selection.  Still, the trip was much more inspiring than my last visit to the big department stores, Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus.  I was tempted by a couple of things, but ended up only buying these cool plastic stemless wine glasses by go vino; perfect for backyard wine drinking (picture from website):

 After shopping, we had lunch at Umami Burger which Z. really liked.  We ordered the Umami burger, veggie burger and cheesy tater tots.  I really liked the veggie burger; it was made with mushrooms and edamame.  It was a little messy, the patty was soft and tasty, and the truffle aioli and ricotta added a lovely richness and touch of indulgence.  I definitely didn't miss the meat; I would order the veggie burger again!  I really like Umami Burger; it's becoming one of my go-to places to take out-of-towners.
Veggie Burger
 Umami Burger
Cheesy Tater Tots
After lunch, we went for a little bike ride, then went swimming and into the hot tub.  Perfect relaxation after a busy day of running around!

Umami Burger at Fred Segal
500 Broadway
Santa Monica, CA  90401

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