Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Yoga for Yahoos

In our quest to check out as many yoga studios and teachers as possible in the Los Angeles area, Jen and I signed up for a $25 two week trial at Truyoga / Trifit studios at the Yahoo Center in Santa Monica.  The facilities are quite nice; they have a large gym with all the usual gym equipment, studios for spin, weight and boxing classes, a large pool, locker room and showers, and a separate fully equipped yoga studio and spa space.  Our yoga class we took today was a little bit too slow- paced and short for my taste, but it's catered to local office workers so it makes sense.  All their yoga classes are either early morning, lunchtime or after work, with no classes on the weekend, so they definitely have their target customer.  It's fairly reasonably priced: $78 for a monthly membership which includes pool and gym use and all the classes, but I won't be joining as I prefer my cardio outside of the gym, such as running to the beach, swimming at home, or biking around town.

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