Monday, May 17, 2010

I See You...

I may be a little too jaded, but that is one of the lamest movie lines ever.  K. and I watched Avatar last night and we both agreed that it was pretty bad.  Starting with the positive, the special effects were pretty cool and some of the digital scenery was quite pretty.  I don't go to movies very often at all, but I was impressed at the technological improvement (and we weren't even watching the 3-D version).  Otherwise, the plotline was incredibly predictable, the characters were cariacatures, there were some very cheesy lines, the acting was mediocre, and the movie was way too long.  It was a typical, overbloated, James Cameron movie; it still surprises me that it could get nominated for an Academy Award Best Picture, though I shouldn't be, as Titanic actually won Best Picture a few years ago.  I am so glad that James Cameron did not win best director though.  At least we had a nice quick dinner beforehand to redeem the night; we stopped for some tacos at Tacos Por Favor in Santa Monica.  It is my other favorite taco place; I think Tacomiendo has more interesting fillings and the tortilla chips are a little better, but Tacos Por Favor is very solid and cheap too.  We ordered 6 different tacos: chorizo & cheese (salty, but my favorite), al pastor, carnitas, carne asada, pollo (chicken) and shrimp.  I like their hot salsa; it has a lot more heat than Tacomiendo's.  Their tomatillo salsa is very refreshing and the pico de gallo is always nice and fresh.

Today, I started out my week right by going to Dee Dee's yoga class, which was a nice kick-off to an otherwise gray and overcast Monday.  Jen, a fellow wine clubber also came, and the three of us had a nice leisurely lunch at Marmalade Cafe at the Plaza El Segundo to discuss some business ideas.  The food was solid, no particular standouts, except for the large portions and quick service.  After lunch, I explored the Plaza, and stopped in a few stores, including Lululemon, where I picked up a pair of their Run:Speed Short on sale which are cute and lightweight and will hopefully inspire me to go running more.  I love Lululemon; however, I find it expensive, but have luckily been able to buy almost everything I own on sale.  They almost always have a sale rack that is worth checking out, and stores put items on sale at their own discretion, so it's worth checking out a couple of stores.  The Plaza El Segundo is really nice, with lots of apparel stores, such as Anthropologie and J. Crew, big box retailers like Best Buy and PetSmart, and also a Whole Foods and Yogaworks.
 Back of the shorts; I like the details like the zippered pocket on the top and venting. The technical material is silky and lightweight 
Tacos Por Favor
1406 Olympic Blvd
Santa Monica, CA  90404
(310) 392-5768

2008 E. Park Place
El Segundo, CA  90245

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