Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ready For the Next Hike

Otis is ready for his next hiking trip! REI was having its anniversary sale and I had my REI membership dividend to spend, so I thought I would pick up some hiking gear for him and Floyd.  In addition to the backpack, I got them a matching collapseable water bowl that Otis can carry in his backpack.  Got to make him earn his keep!  Otis was very patient in allowing me put the backpack on him.  Once on, he was a little tentative in his movements; he didn't want to walk too fast.  I think the backpack is just a touch too big for him...he's all the right measurements according to the sizing guide, just on the smallest end.  Hopefully we can make it work; there's not really any sizes that are smaller, at least in the REI brand.  The other brands are just so much more expensive.

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