Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dog Dental Hygiene

Otis can behave if he feels like it
I don't have many pictures of the dogs on the blog because unlike food or scenery, it's hard to get them to stay stationary for very long, particularly together.  This morning, I took Floyd to get his teeth cleaned at got pet food, the store where I buy their dog food and treats.  After much research, they are now eating Taste of the Wild High Prairie, which is a grain-free bison and venison dry dog food.  They like it and it certainly looks and smells better than the nasty Purina food that I ended up donating to a shelter after a week.  It was $100 for an (anesthesia free) dental visit for Floyd.  While I am constantly surprised at dog care costs (Floyd's haircuts are more expensive than mine, plus he needs them more often!), it would have been almost 3x more expensive to have his teeth cleaned at the vet, because of the anesthesia and related blood work.  Floyd seemed like his same old happy sappy self when I picked him up after the cleaning, so it must not have been that bad.  While Floyd was at the dentist, Otis and I had a nice cappuccino outside at Kreation Cafe on Montana.  I also got a chicken tortilla soup to go, which was pretty good.  It was nice to sit outside with Otis; we've actually never eaten outside together since Floyd is a nutcase about other dogs.  Otis was pretty well behaved and sat politely most of the time, even though there were two dogs sitting a couple tables away.  I wish we could do that more often.

After we picked up Floyd, the three of us went on a walk on the Santa Monica bluffs by the beach since it was such a beautiful day.  It was quite windy, so there were big waves and cool whitecaps on the ocean.
View north towards the Pacific Palisades and Malibu
View south towards the Santa Monica pier and Venice
where to next?
Kreation Kafe
1023 Montana Avenue
Santa Monica, CA  90402
(310) 458-4880

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