Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Three Stooges

I've been dog-sitting Otis and Floyd's uncle, Toby these last few days.  Three dogs are quite the handful; feeding time and walks are new adventures.  They each have their own beds, but for some reason, they prefer to squeeze into one (small) bed.

It has been another drizzly, overcast day in Santa Monica.  The dogs already have a bit of cabin fever; Otis decided to destroy a ballpoint pen completely.  I left them the dogs at home in the morning as I ran a couple of errands, including to Pier 1 to look at throw pillows (thanks A!)  I picked up a brown pillow on sale for the gray living room Room and Board sectional to play off the color of our brown Room and Board chairs; I still have to find a few more to round out the collection.

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