Sunday, May 9, 2010

Why Roadrage?

I spent Friday and Saturday running around all over Los Angeles preparing for Sunday's mother's day dinner.  Why doesn't one store have it all: specialty food items, everyday staples, fresh organic produce, good seafood and meats, cooking accessories, liquor, all at the best prices?  Instead, they make me run all over the place. At least I finally got some mileage on the new car!

After dropping off Jen at Union Station downtown after lunch, my first stop was Surfas, where I picked up a bottle of lychee syrup for cocktails (I was looking for elderflower, but they were out), 1 lb of bittersweet chocolate, 1 lb of semisweet chocolate, and peach bitters.  I love that store; they carry the most random, but useful collection of stuff.  Not cheap though.  Next, it was onto Costco, where I picked up a handle of vodka, Grand Marnier, wine, shrimp, blackberries, flowers, napkins and plant food.  I also got gas at Costco for the first time in the new car (after over a month of ownership).  Then, I went next door to Albertsons for some fresh tarragon, wonton wrappers and creamed corn.  Next, I went to Trader Joe's for goat cheese, marscapone, and sparkling water.  I thought I was done, but of course as soon as I got home, I realized I forgot a bunch of stuff.  Saturday, after my non-profit cultural organization's board meeting in Rosemead, I stopped by Hong Kong supermarket in San Gabriel for garlic, sriracha, wonton wrappers, and "A" tsai (type of Chinese vegetable).  Then, I went to Crate and Barrel in Beverly Hills for martini glasses (at $3.95 a glass, I think they are a good deal, and nice too!) and a new pepper mill for mom (same one that I use), her mother's day gift.  Finally, I stopped at Trader Joe's (again) for some heavy cream, white balsamic vinegar, mango / mangosteen juice, peanuts and butter.  I was exhausted from all the running around alone!  Next, onto the actual cooking...

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