Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mutant Pi Pa

We don't buy very much fruit in the springtime because spring at my parent's house means pi pa season.  My parents have three very prolific trees in their backyard with unusually large fruit.  Pi pa, also known as "loquat," is a popular Asian fruit that is orange and just slightly fuzzy on the outside.  It's a little hard to describe the flavor and texture; it is sweet and a little tangy, and the fruit is firm, but not too juicy, like an orange, nor too dry, like an apple. The most similar fruit in texture would be perhaps a mango, though it is not stringy like mangoes sometimes are.  The skin is inedible (for everyone except for Otis) and needs to peeled, and in the middle are several large seeds.  You occasionally see them at the farmer's market, although they are always much smaller, perhaps golf ball sized.  The ones from my parent's trees are about the size of an extra large egg, give or take a bit.  They are very popular amongst our family friends; even though we give away several grocery bags full every season, there is still more than enough for ourselves.

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