Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hot in Herre Part II

Just a quick update, I went back to Hot8Yoga today and tried a Hot Power Yoga class and liked it significantly more than the bikram style hot yoga class yesterday.  The teacher was much better and the style of the class was a lot more similar to the vinyasa yoga that I regularly practice at Power Yoga and Yogahop.  Despite working a lot harder in this class, I felt like I was actually less sweaty than in last night's class; it was just like a slightly more sweaty Power Yoga class.  Instead of being bothersome and a distraction, the heat was a nice addition today; it was energizing and allowed me to push deeper into the poses.  I think it helped that the heat was set at 95-100 degrees, as opposed to 100+ yesterday, which was just too unbearable for me.  I'll be trying a few more hot power yoga classes and staying away from the regular hot yoga classes for the rest of my trial.  I still don't envision becoming  member, as it is more expensive than the other places that I practice, but a change of pace is nice every once in awhile.  If you are interested, they are doing free one week trials through June 30th.

1422 2nd Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 866-5280

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