Friday, August 6, 2010

More Lululemon

I know I said I wasn't going to buy anything for six months, but I couldn't resist picking up a couple of items.  Yesterday, as I was picking up an item that I had repaired (Lululemon offers free repairs and hemming, even on items that have already been worn), I saw the Move It Messenger bag on a mannequin, which must have been a return as the bags sold out quickly months ago.  I had seen pictures of the bag, but never in any stores, so I quickly snagged it up as I always have the option of returning it.  I'm still debating keeping the bag; I think it's really cute, there are a ton of zippered pockets, open pockets and mesh pockets within pockets, so it really holds a lot in an organized fashion.  There's even a cell phone holder on the top of the strap which is a nice little detail and I love the bright blue lagoon lining.  My only concern is that it may be too pink (never thought I would say this).  Normally I adore bright pink; it's the senorita pink that I love, and I have a bunch of matching items in the exact same color including groove crops, run:speed shorts and a flow y, but I'm not sure if its too much for a bag.  I'm keeping the tags on for now and thinking about it. 
I also tracked down the run:energy SL through phone sales after much debate.  The lime color isn't my favorite and the writing is a bit cheesy, but it's a great shirt and on sale for a good price so I decided to track it down.  I love the shirt; it feels great on, it's very silky and cool, and has cute ruching details on the back and with the little drawstring at the waist.  I've paired it with my run:zoom knee shorts which surprisingly are the bottoms I've been wearing the most (I love the silky smooth feeling of luxtreme fabric), aside from the run:tracker skirt.  Even K. commented positively on the outfit and he rarely comments on my workout clothes (and thinks my Lululemon addiction is a bit nuts, which I agree).  The shirt also look cute with the run:tracker skirt, which is going to be my Disneyland 5K outfit.

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