Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Bar Method

I went to a complimentary Bar Method class at the Marina del Rey studio yesterday.  The Bar Method is considered the original workout centered around the ballet bar amongst other props with the first flagship studio opened in 2001 in San Francisco and currently has 25 franchised locations across the U.S.  The class was almost identical to the Pop Physique class I took last week, using the same small weights, mat, ballet bar, strap exercises, working the same muscle groups in pretty much the same order as well.  I liked the class, it moved quickly and was challenging to me, as a novice.  I think I would get bored of it after awhile, and I don't find it as invigorating and relaxing as a good yoga class, but it is a decent workout and a supplement to yoga and running.  I wonder if the efficacy is already diminishing though; I was actually quite sore the next day after Pop Physique, but I'm not feeling much after Bar Method today, even though I thought the class was challenging at the time.  Bar Method is even more expensive than Pop Physique, with individual classes priced at $22 per class and the studio is a little more shabby with a carpeted floor, which was strange, and the room felt a little stuffy, but at least parking was better than at Pop Physique.  If I had to choose between the two, I think I would continue to go to Pop Physique overall.

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