Monday, August 23, 2010

Zebras and camels and hares, oh my

It's not every day that I stumble upon a veritable menagerie of camels, zebras, alpacas, ram, sheep, miniature ponies, tortoises, cockatoos, rabbits, horses, geese, chickens, ducks and dogs, while walking the dogs in our usual route around the residential neighborhoods around my house. My favorites were the alpaca, which was really pretty and gentle, the zebra and its cool stripes, and the baby camel who made funny snorting noises.  It was really random and kind of cool actually! I think they were brought in as part of a block party.  Only in Santa Monica!  Someone needs to clean their blackberry lens:
Camel, miniature horse, zebra
Alpaca, rabbit, geese, chickens, sheep, dogs
Tortoise, ram, sheep

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