Saturday, August 21, 2010

Taco Thursdays

I cooked with chipotle peppers for the first time on Thursday.  Chipotles are smoked dried jalapenos that are often packed in adobo sauce, a nice smoky sauce with tomatoes, garlic, vinegar, salt, and spices.  I really enjoy the smoky heat that the chipotles and adobo sauce adds; I've been throwing it into random recipes such as my Mexican corn to use up the opened can.

I bought the chipotles in adobo for my fish tacos on Thursday.  It's been quite warm recently and fish tacos are a great warm weather dish as many of the accompaniments are served chilled / room temperature.  Usually I like to make mango salsa which is a very summery dish, but I didn't have time to get mangoes last week.  I basically followed the epicurious recipe for baja fish tacos with some inexpensive dover sole from Costco, the southwestern slaw and the chipotle pico de gallo (although I added some lime juice and a little bit of garlic and jalapenos).  I wouldn't recommend using dover sole in the future; it gets a little too watery when cooked.  The marinade was quite nice, although I did undersalt it just a touch.  I liked the chipotle pico de gallo; I make pico de gallo a lot and I liked the smokiness that the chipotle adds.  I didn't care for the southwestern slaw; the honey didn't really combine well with the slaw.  I prefer my own slaw concoction for tacos.  Not the prettiest picture, but see below:
We had a bottle of Morgan Sauvignon Blanc which was nice and crisp for a warm summer day and balanced the heat of the tacos nicely.

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