Thursday, August 19, 2010

Farmer's Market for the Grill

A rainbow of peppers
We visited the Santa Monica farmer's market yesterday.  We saw pretty much the same fruits and vegetables as last week with even more varieties of grapes, melons and peppers.  I love watching the season evolve even through the same fruit and vegetables.  It's finally nice and hot in LA so we bought some vegetables to grill outside so we can enjoy the nice summer evenings outdoors on our patio.  We bought red flame grapes, Dapple Dandy pluots, a variety of eggplants, corn, heirloom tomatoes, regular beefsteak tomatoes, avocados, salad greens, and dill; I'm looking forward to cooking a good amount in the coming week!

I still prefer the seedless, thinner skinned grapes in the right two boxes 
Really huge Chinese eggplants
Really long beans; a little scary looking
A small sampling of what we bought

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