Sunday, August 29, 2010

Beer Tasting

After a gorgeous wedding at the Montage in Beverly Hills, Rich and Amy came over and we sampled a bunch of really interesting and different craft beers.  I thought the Pliny the Elder was really special (first time I've tried it) and I also really liked Rogue's Hazelnut beer.  The Smashed Pumpkin beer was also really nice and pumpkin-y.  I am still working on acquiring a taste for bourbon / whiskey, although I'm not quite there yet, so the Santa's Little Helper and Deliverance Ale was a little strong for me; you could definitely taste the bourbon / whiskey taste from the oak barrels that they were aged in.  I find it really cool how complex beer can be; just like wine.  Just the different noses, tastes, flavors, textures, finish, etc.  I love how Rich just travels all the time with a trunk full of craft beers; each time we finished a bottle, he'd pull another one from his car. Nothing better than catching up with old friends over some special beers...all the way until 5:30am (for second night in a row!)


  1. Partying like rockstars. Rich is ridiculous with his trunk full o beer. He's been pushing the Smashed Pumpkin for some time. The Pliny is good too. You should check out other Russian River brews.

  2. Don't worry, we are already preparing for your 9/18 visit. Rich has me aging in the wine fridge another bottle of the deliverance and pliny. Not to mention all the wine we have been saving up for the visit!



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