Saturday, August 14, 2010

Avocado Toast

Yesterday, I wanted a more substantial but still quick breakfast vs. my usual kefir + flaxseeds, since I was planning on going to the driving range and not eating lunch til much later, so I made an avocado toast, inspired by this post on thekitchn.  I basically toasted two pieces of wheat bread, drizzled a little good olive oil (I live by Frantoia) on the bread, cut an perfectly ripe organic haas avocado from the farmer's market in half and then in half again, put a quarter of an avocado on each piece of bread, sprinkled on a little crazy salt (sel fou) from France (you can substitute with regular sea salt and garlic salt), and red chili flakes, mashed up the avocado with a fork and then sprinkled with more red chili flakes.  My avocados were a little cold so I put the finished toast back in the toaster oven for a minute to warm up everything.  Simple dish that barely counts as cooking, but delicious; it's hard to go wrong with with avocados, olive oil and toast, and the kick from the red chili flakes makes it a little fun.

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