Monday, August 16, 2010

I Love Burrata

I treat myself to my favorite burrata, Gioia's, only every once in awhile.  Gioia actually makes its burrata here in Southern California, in South El Monte, and can be found in specialty food stores such as Surfas.  I buy mine at Andrew's Cheese Shop down on Montana Avenue.  K. and I used to run to the ocean and walk back on Montana, stopping to sample and buy cheese along the way, almost immediately negating the effect of our run.  Gioia's burrata is only an occasional treat as it is extremely rich and decadent, plus expensive at $12 per pound.  It is worth every penny, I probably could eat the entire pound in one sitting (but I don't).  Unlike some store-bought buratta, it isn't overly runny or watery.  It has just enough structure and texture to be pillowy soft, creamy, milky, fresh and totally luscious and decadent, all at the same time.  I served it on top of some perfect height of summer heirloom tomatoes from last week's farmer's market.  The dish really didn't need much else; just a little salt and freshly ground pepper, fresh basil and a small drizzle of olive oil for the perfect dreamy mouthful.

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