Saturday, September 4, 2010

Disneyland 5K

Stopping to take a pic with "A Bug's Life" in California Adventure
After a late night last night with a bachelorette party in Hollywood, K and I ran the Disneyland 5K at 7am this morning.  I totally loved it, it was so much fun running through Disneyland, my favorite place in the world, and it was also great to run through California Adventure, which I had never visited before (I just love Disneyland too much and given the choice, I always choose Disneyland).  We also got to run through some of the "backstage" parts of Disneyland and California Adventure; it was really cool to see what it looks like behind the scenes!  The run was so much fun; there were a bunch of castmembers cheering us on, characters to take pictures with and fun music.  My only disappointment was that I could have run faster; we ended up doing 9ish minute miles because I paced myself during the first half and we stopped / slowed down to take pictures, but I finished the race with plenty of energy left over (despite partying the night before and only having about 2.5 hours of sleep), but it's motivated me to maybe try a 10K next!
Getting ready to run with my favorite running top: Lululemon Energy SL
We're starting: Goofy, Donald, Mickey and Minnie cheering us on
Dapper Dan's serenading on Main Street
Running through backstage
Going into Toontown
Fantasyland and Teacups
Clearly not running fast enough
Headed through Sleeping Beauty's Castle and to California Adventure
Mile 2 completed, no sweat
Mickey and Minnie at the finish line; I think Minnie liked my Minnie Ears
I ran with my beloved Minnie Ears the entire 3.1 miles and was dressed entirely in my favorite Lululemon running outfit: the Run:Energy SL in lime and Run:Zoom Knee Shorts.  I particularly love the Lululemon Energy SL: it is so lightweight, cool and comfortable and I like the flattering ruching on the back; I would totally pick up more if it weren't sold out already.  It's not great for yoga as it is a bit loose fitting and also rides up during spin, but it's perfect for running.

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