Saturday, September 18, 2010

Spending my winnings

While running errands all over town for Saturday's bbq, I happened to stop by Lululemon since it was so conveniently on my way, to spend some of my stock gains as a reward (too bad I don't still own the stock, it continues to soar).  I picked up two items on sale in the citron color: the vinyasa scarf and my favorite style workout tank, the cool racerback.  Since I sold a little too early, I restrained myself and did not buy a bag that I had my eye on that was also marked down.
The citron color is a little bright and highlighter-y yellow for my taste and for my skintone, but I just love the cool racerback style so much that I know I will get a ton of use out of it.  I've already worn the vinyasa scarf everywhere I've gone; it's perfect for fall socal weather with the recent fluctuations in temperature from morning, day to night, and it's functional and stays put with all the snaps with all the random ways to wear it.  It's made out of running luon which is super soft and comfortable and it is nice and big.  Some of the different ways to wear it (not me in the pictures):

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