Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cold War on a Hot Day

Yesterday was ridiculously hot in LA, setting all sorts of all-time record heat around town including 113 degrees in downtown LA.  Even Santa Monica reached 106, breaking an all-time record.  We turned on the AC last night for the first time all summer, not surprisingly.  It wasn't forecasted to be so warm earlier in the day, which is why S. and I went for a hike with the dogs in the morning, which in retrospect, was a little crazy.  When we left it was only 80 degrees, but by the time we got back to our car, it was 100 degrees.

We drove up Mandeville Canyon and hiked to the missile radar platform.  It's a very cool spot with awesome views, it's near the top of the Santa Monica mountains and you have a 360 degree view of Los Angeles; you can see the Valley, the eastside, Downtown LA, all the way to the beach.  It's probably about a 2-3 mile hike roundtrip and a little steep in spots.  We brought a lots of water for us and the dogs and made many stops in the shade, but it was quite hot!  We had a nice time though, and the dogs did too; they love being off-leash and I enjoy watching them explore.  We couldn't do much afterward but lounge around and watch lots of cooking shows on tv.
Downtown LA
View of the missile radar site
Observation platform with 360 degree views of LA
My favorite part of hiking; a nice escape from civilization
View towards the Valley
View towards East Valley / Hollywood

Otis trotting off towards the next shady spot
Found it

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