Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Up Dog: Just Like Riding a Bike

 I tried spinning for the first time ever today at Up Dog Fitness in West Hollywood.  Jen and I bought a 2 week unlimited pass on Bergine for $30, so we figured we should try both the yoga and cycling classes.  I've always been intimidated by spinning: the shoes, the way they are attached to the pedals, the speed at which the pedals spin, slippery handlebars and drill sergeant instructors.  I managed to avoid injury and even enjoyed the class, so it could be considered a success.  I worked up a decent sweat (from both the class and the continued heatwave outside) and it definitely was a challenging workout, although not overwhelmingly so.  I was able to keep up, although I probably cheated on some of the resistance settings.  I think I still prefer to run / bike outside for the fresh air and scenery, but I'll give spinning a few more tries to see if I get addicted.  I like the studio a lot; it's nice and clean with lots of free parking, a nice clean locker room with showers and the people are really nice.  Plus, there are actually good looking and fit boys in the classes and working the reception, though of the West Hollywood variety, if you know what I mean.  Overall, it's a little far from me (30 mins+), but a pretty nice studio overall.

Up Dog Fitness
8599 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA

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