Monday, September 6, 2010

Cora's Coffee Shoppe: Good Brunch for 2 in SM

After the Disneyland 5K, we stopped at Cora's Coffee Shoppe on Ocean Blvd in Santa Monica for some breakfast.  Originally, we wanted to go to San Gabriel for dim sum at Sea Harbour or soup dumplings at Din Tai Fung, but at 8am in the morning, nothing was open yet.  It's surprising how many things are closed at 8am on a Saturday; we're not usually up that early.  We decided on Cora's because 1) several friends have recommended it, 2) we drive by it often and there's always a huge line, and 3) I had a 30% off Blackboard Eats coupon.  The space is tiny but quite charming: a small tunnel under trellises with lots of vines.  The menu is actually quite long and interesting; one of the more extensive breakfast / brunch menus that I've seen around.  Most items are between $9-$15, which is average for brunch.  We ordered the Cora's Egg Benedict, which was made with smoked salmon, spinach florentine and soft boiled eggs and the egg and proscuitto panino.
I liked the Eggs Benedict a lot; it totally hit the spot and was really tasty (although I've rarely met a Benedict that I haven't liked).  I particularly liked the spinach which was creamy and delicious and the salmon was a nice, salty, silky counterpoint.  The egg and proscuitto panino wasn't anything special; more just like a regular sandwich with some proscuitto and greens and tomatoes.  I'm not sure why it was called a panino, it wasn't pressed or grilled in any way.  The egg was also barely noticeable.  We also had a side of bacon, which wasn't as crisp as I like my bacon, and some coffee and grapefruit juice.  It was a nice meal, made even better with the 30% off coupon.  We don't usually go out for brunch as we generally prefer to make our brunch at home and relax and eat outside by the pool, but this was nice for a quick fix; just not sure how often we will be back.

Cora's Coffee Shoppe
1802 Ocean Avenue
Santa Monica, CA  90401
(310) 451-9562

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