Friday, November 5, 2010

Toms Shoes: Black Glitter

I think they look cuter in real life than in pictures, photo from Toms website
I've been a shopping kick recently for some reason, and I haven't even shared all my Asia trip purchases. Gotta stop soon!  My Toms Shoes in Black Glitter arrived today and I adore them already.  I've been wanting a pair ever I saw D's silver pair with her halloween costume.  I love my Toms red striped wedges; they are incredibly comfortable and I've gotten more compliments on them than any other shoes that I've owned.  The black ones, in the classic style, are just as comfortable.  I love shoes that you can just slip on and off easily and that are good for walking long distances.  They are actually more supportive and cushioned in the sole than they appear.  Now I'm debating whether or not to hit the Toms one day sample sale in Valencia tomorrow...
Update on the TOMS Shoes: they definitely need breaking in. The first few times I wore them I got blisters, they were a little stiff and not very breathable (I think due to the stiffer glitter material), but since then they've broken in and I can walk around forever in them.

Separately, I also picked up another Lululemon Cool Racerback in Static Very Violet at the Santa Monica store just because I love the color.  The static fabric is also super soft and silky, even more comfortable than my other Cool Racerbacks that I wear all the time.  Also, since I've been working out twice a day thanks to the Equinox challenge (except for today, I took a break), I'm running out of tops!  I'm trying to cut back on my Lululemon purchases, but I couldn't resist the color which is sure to sell out quickly.
It's a little more pink in person

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