Saturday, November 13, 2010

Takoyakitanota Review: Actual Street Food from a Food Truck

You always see food trucks parked on Sawtelle just north of Olympic in West LA and today was no exception as we headed to Yogurtland for a mid-afternoon snack.  I was in the mood for something more savory and nestled between the fancy, pretty and shiny big food trucks Phamish (Vietnamese food), Dim Sum Truck and Bool Truck (yet another Korean taco truck), was Takoyakitanota.  I hadn't heard of it before, but I love takoyaki, an "octopus dumpling," plus at $3.50 for five, it was the best deal on the street and true "street food."  I was shocked at the $7.00 price tag for a banh mi at Phamish; the ones in the San Gabriel Valley, including at my favorite, Banh Mi My Tho, which are delicious, are $2.50.  $7.00 is just an outrage.  While I really like takoyaki, I don't claim to be an expert, but I really liked the takoyaki from Tanota.  It was served piping hot, with a tonkatsu-like sweet-sour sauce with some scallions and kewpie mayonnaise.  The outside was nice and smooth and the inside was creamy and delicious with a little bite of octopus.  My only complaint would be that I would have liked more octopus, but it was still a delicious little bite.  And yes, a frozen yogurt from Yogurtland was the perfect finishing touch.

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