Thursday, November 11, 2010

Taipei Fashion

Nondescript road, but tons of amazing boutiques
I've always loved shopping in Taipei; the styles and sizes always seem to fit me better than in the states.  We have a family friend, Auntie Wendy, who is the authority on all things shopping and always takes us to the perfect places.  She took us to Dun Hua South Road first section, 161 alley, starting near the corner of Zhong Xiao Lu and Dun Hua South Road (MRT stop) and ending near SOGO department store.  The street was filled with store after store of tiny stylish boutiques with all varieties of great clothes and shoes at really reasonable prices.  Many of the shops import their clothing from South Korea, which apparently is quite a fashion forward country.  My cousins and I went a little crazy and bought tons of jackets, sweaters, dresses, and shoes.  Even my mom and Auntie Wendy bought something.  Everything was really cute and relatively inexpensive.  We only had a couple of hours, but could have spent days shopping that one street.  A couple of my favorite stores included TOBE, Queen Fashion Shop and A.Fad.  Just a few of the items that we picked up (dresses and shoes):

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