Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today's Farmers Market

I wonder how you eat / cook quince
We went on the later side, right as the market was closing but still managed to rush and buy a bunch of stuff: kale, butter lettuce, Brussels sprouts, salad greens, santosai, bitter melon, padrones peppers. Our guava looks better than the guava here, organic too! Looking forward to cooking some new things this week.
I like Japanese (often bitter) greens like shungiku, santosai, mizuna.  It may not be true but I always thought that bitter greens were healthier for you
We ran a bunch of errands today; had lunch at Pinches Tacos, bought shoes at Nordstrom's half-yearly anniversary sale and with Bloomingdale's 20% off friends and family discount, picked up a free yoga pass to Hot8Yoga as part of Lululemon's Gift of Yoga, went to Trader Joes, went to a new class at Equinox, ran about 3 miles in Manhattan Beach with Lululemon's run club, amongst many other errands.  I found it to be rather chilly; we've been so spoiled with the warm weather, I forget that winter's coming!
Pinches Tacos: the lengua taco on the left is still my favorite
Love being close to the ocean, even if its just driving by

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