Monday, November 15, 2010

Winter Boots Season

So maybe it's not quite winter boots season yet in LA as it's been in the mid-70s the last couple of days, but I finally bought two pairs of boots for the first time in years, probably since leaving New York: a pair of casual flat gray fold-down knee high boots from SOGO in Taipei, and a pair of black leather Calvin Klein's over-the-knee "Michelle" boots for slightly more dressy occasions (thanks to Sam for the recommendation!).  The Calvin Klein boots are really comfortable, the leather is very soft and the two silver buckles add just enough style and detail without being too fussy, plus they were on sale and I also used the Bloomingdales friends and family discount, so they were a pretty good deal.  I'm tempted by some shearling / faux fur boots (like the ones pictured below from Report), but that would definitely be overkill for Southern California.  Now, if only the weather would cool down a little bit so that I could actually wear my new boots around town...

Update (12/11/10): So I ended up returning the Calvin Klein boots; I had them for a month and never wore them.  I tried them with several outfits, but the height of them actually made my legs look shorter (proportionally I have short legs). I found it more flattering to wear tights with ankle boots instead, which are perfectly fine for mild Los Angeles winters.

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