Monday, November 8, 2010

Du Xiao Yue: Taipei Small Eats

On my last night in Taipei, we went to Du Xiao Yue on Yongkang Jie for dinner with my extended family.  It's a cozy, clean place serving lots of homestyle Taiwanese Xiao Chi (small plates).  I really enjoyed it; it was like comfort food to me as my mom makes a lot of these dishes at home, one of my favorites being ba so (ground pork, shallots and garlic simmered together for a long time in soy and rock sugar), so I'll definitely be back for future visits.

On the left, hard boiled eggs and dumplings, on the right, ba so over noodles
Grilled / broiled milk fish (milk fish is so much better in Taiwan)
Pig's feet

Ba Wan with shrimp: A Taiwanese specialty with shrimp and ground pork inside a gelatinous dough and sauce
Perfectly fried tofu
Fried oysters

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