Friday, November 19, 2010

Hiking with Friends

So cute, all the dogs in a row behind M (besides Floyd who enjoys leading)
I took Otis and Floyd hiking today with some friends and their two dogs up to the missile silo site up Mandeville Canyon.  Floyd managed to actually made his very first doggie friends, Kaia and Kash.  All it really took was his being off-leash.  Usually Floyd is a barking mess whenever we come within view of other dogs, but he was totally fine during the hike.  We encountered lots of dogs, from german shepherds to cocker spaniels and he didn't bark at all when he was off-leash.  Glad to see that he's not a total lost cause when it comes to other dogs.  It's so nice to be able to hike all year round in Los Angeles.  Now that we know that Floyd does better on hikes off-leash than on walks around our neighborhood, hopefully we'll go hiking more often.
A new friend

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