Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chasing Down the Kogi Truck

E. was in town and wanted to try something new so we decided to head out in search of the Kogi truck for some lunch to bring back to everyone. Fortunately, it was at the Yahoo Center on 26th and Broadway, only a couple blocks away from us. However, right as we got there at 12:45pm, the truck told us it was closing due to the police and was moving to Century Park East and Santa Monica Blvd. After a little debate, we decided to follow the truck to Century City, since we were already in the mood for Kogi and there was a house full of hungry people expecting some Kogi tacos that we didn't want to disappoint. Unfortunately there was a bit of traffic and we had to park at the Century City Mall for free parking, which was quite a hike to the truck stop. By the time we got to the truck (again), there was a line around the building. Since we had already made it this far, we decided to wait it out and got a ton of food (although they were sold out of a couple of items that we wanted to order including the grilled cheese special, chocolate tres leches and calamari tacos :( ). We tried the short ribs, spicy pork, chicken and tofu tacos, the chicken chili quesadilla, blackjack quesadilla and kimchi quesadilla. By the time we made it back to Santa Monica again, over two hours after we first set out, the cabbage slaw and tortillas got a little soggy and the quesadillas a little mushy, so it wasn't quite as fresh and tasty as it should have been. Favorites were the short rib tacos and I personally really liked all three quesadillas, although they are definitely quite oily.
The food really is quite unphotogenic
Tofu taco: definitely a little bland, I'll be skipping this next time

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