Friday, June 24, 2011

Lucy Karma Racerback Review

Lucy Karma Racerback in Black and Lululemon Lolo purple reversible wunder unders
Despite the ridiculous price tags, I really do like Lululemon for workout clothes for their performance, comfort, style, fit and colors vs. other brands. I am always trying to find alternatives however and track other brands like Athleta and Lucy, but I haven't bought any Athleta yet since they are still currently only online, and I pop into the Lucy store every once in awhile on Montana Avenue but rarely buy anything. I have a pair of Lucy pants that are a few years old, but they haven't held up as well as my Lululemon pants; they have faded and the seams are worn, plus they have never quite fit right. I have always liked the look of their Karma Racerback tank however, and when I saw that it was on sale for only $19.99, I walked to the Lucy store with the dogs to check it out. I really like this tank; it's comfortable and a little more stylish than my usual racerbacks. I really like the look of the back, the width of the neckline in the front and the slight sweetheart neckline. With the exception of the Lululemon No Limit Tanks, I usually find tanks with built in support too constrictive, but it's not the case with this top at all. I wore the top to Pilates Platinum today and it worked out pretty well; it is a little more low cut than I prefer, but overall pretty comfortable and secure. This is actually the first black workout top I've ever owned; I usually prefer bright colors, but the black seems appropriate for this dressier top. I also bought two pairs of pants, the Bonded Gym Capri Leggings and the Lucy Hatha Leggings. I really wanted to like both leggings at $29.99 (you'll never find pants at Lululemon for that price), but after taking them home and trying them on for awhile, they just didn't fit right; the capris were too loose in the calves so they rode up and the Hatha leggings fit weird on top, so I immediately returned them. At least Lucy has a much better return policy than Lululemon, where you can actually return sale items, which is one of things I hate about Lululemon.

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