Friday, June 24, 2011

Pork Chops, Proscuitto, Cheese, and Pinot Noir

I don't usually post picture of other people's cooking here outside of restaurants, but K. put together such a delicious meal earlier this week that I thought he deserved a guest spot. He made proscuitto wrapped cantaloupe, endive with Bleu de Bocage (now rivals Point Reyes Blue as one of my favorite blue cheeses ever), candied pecans and cranberries, juicy pork chops with spiced apples and raisins, and an awesome cheese plate with specially selected cheeses from the Cheese Shop of Beverly Hills, including Fleur de Corse from France, a semi soft cows milk wrapped with some fennel seeds and peppercorn; Hoch YBrig, one of my favorite slightly stinky washed rind swiss cow's milk cheeses; Le Napoleon, a sheeps milk cheese with a nice sharp nutty flavor; and Midnight Moon, a deliciously smooth yet flavorful goat's milk cheese from Holland. Each course had delightful, contrasting flavors, and the pork was cooked perfectly; I definitely want him to make it again. A delicious meal with plentiful cheese; my idea of a perfect dinner! We opened a bottle of 2007 Copain Kiser "en Bas" Pinot Noir from Anderson Valley which was a well-balanced, even match to many of the sweet and salty flavors of the meal.

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