Tuesday, June 7, 2011

TOMS One For One New Product Line Reveal...

This morning, I slipped on my TOMS red striped wedges and stopped by the California Heritage Museum on Main Street in Santa Monica to check out TOMS' big unveiling for its next product line. I think TOMS' "one for one" mission is quite admirable, plus their shoes are cute and comfortable (after a little breaking in): I have a pair of their black glitter shoes and striped wedges from last summer which are both nice around town shoes.

Blake Mycoskie, who founded TOMS Shoes in 2006 right here in Santa Monica (where it is still currently headquartered), gave a brief speech and presented a video from a trip to Nepal.
Blake Mycoskie, Founder of TOMS
The mystery box:
Sunglasses...TOMS Eyewear! For each pair of sunglasses sold, TOMS will give a portion of the proceeds to help someone in need regain sight. There's a stripe on the sunglass arms that represent "you," the person you gave sight to, and TOMS.
The mystery box revealed: TOMS Eyewear
Black Mycoskie wearing TOMS Eyewear style 101, the wayfarer inspired style
TOMS Eyewear is priced from $135 - $145 with three basic models in a a variety of finishes and lenses; style 101: a wayfarer style, style 201: a oversized round / oval style, and style 301: an aviator style. I personally liked the aviator style best followed by the wayfarer style, although as I just bought a pair of Prada Minimal Baroque sunglasses, I have to sadly hold off on new sunglasses for awhile. They were selling the sunglasses out of a repurposed food truck in the parking area, and will be selling them online and at Nordstroms and other retailers.
Wayfarer style plastic frames
Oversized and Aviator style
They were selling sunglasses out of this food truck

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