Thursday, May 26, 2011

Prada Minimal Baroque Sunglasses: So Obsessed

Prada Minimal Baroque Sunglasses in Tortoiseshell
I love Prada's entire S/S 2011 collection: bananas, stripes, humongous hats, pinks oranges greens, epitomized by Hailee Steinfeld who became an instant fashion icon by rocking a Prada dress at the SAG awards. The collection is so Prada: fresh and graphic and will go down as one of those iconic memorable collections that define a season. It's had the biggest impact on fast fashion; go into H&M now and you'll see similar stripe color combinations and banana prints on everything from swimwear to dresses. Along with Marc Jacob's S/S 2011, which has a drapier, prettier 70's vibe with great prints and patterns, Prada is my favorite collection of the season. I haven't purchased any of the clothes yet, but I love the accessories. The perfect finishing touches to the S/S 2011 Prada collection are the Minimal Baroque limited edition sunglasses which are fantastically whimsical and fun. The more outrageous deluxe models are a bit too much for me for everyday use, but I became obsessed with the solid color ones with the baroque swirls at the temples. I went to the Prada store at the Beverly Center, but the associate told me they were all sold out at all the Prada stores. I called around to Saks, Neimans and Barney's, but they were all sold out (Barneys no longer carries Prada). I finally located a tortoiseshell pair at Ilori on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. I originally wanted the black version, but they didn't have the black versions in yet, plus the tortoiseshell version are fairly dark. They also had the more elaborate deluxe editions which I tried on for fun and quite liked, but were a little too attention grabbing. The people were so nice and helpful at Ilori, versus the snobby attitude I encountered across the street at Prada. It's been years since I've bought fancy sunglasses; I lost my last pair of Marc Jacobs around 5 years ago and have just been buying cheapo sunglasses from places like Fred Flare and H&M since then. This is the first pair of sunglasses that have inspired me to go out and splurge, these are just that unique and I'm totally in love with them.
Prada Minimal Baroque Sunglasses in Tortoiseshell
Prada Store on Rodeo Drive
I got yelled at by the associate for taking this picture. She could have asked nicely but instead she really freaked out.
Ad on the back cover of my June issue of Vogue with Penelope Cruz on the cover
The deluxe editions. Pretty crazy right? So fun though
Image from The brown pair of the deluxe versions were the most flattering on me.
Hailee Steinfeld (love her) at SAG awards. Image via glamcheck
 Random Rodeo Drive shots:
Ilori: where I purchased my Prada Minimal Baroque Sunglasses. As of 5/25/11, they still had 1 pair of the tortoiseshell and 3 different versions of the deluxe Minimal Baroque editions


  1. You're totally right about the ladies at Ilori- they are friendly and helpful. I snapped up the blue and white deluxe version there and absolutely LOvE love love them. The prada store across the street had the baby blue & white and brown & white version, but not the one I wanted. BTW, I see they are selling on ebay for $599 already. This has potential as an investment/artwork piece, especially since the deluxe versions are limited to only 500 pairs worldwide.

  2. That's so cool that you got the deluxe version! I loved trying them on and debated awhile on them. I preferred the colors of the blue and white although something about the shape of the brown and white deluxe frames worked better on my face shape. I agree about the deluxe versions...they are totally art and will definitely go up in value once they are all gone. Such a seminal collection overall.



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