Friday, May 27, 2011

Lukshon Revisited

I was really impressed with Lukshon on my first trip right after it open and revisited the restaurant on Monday night to see if things had changed in the few months since it has opened. Prices have gone up just a bit; our meal was more expensive for less food than our first visit, but the meal was still pretty good on the whole. I don't think we ordered as well as we did the first time; everything was outstanding the first time, while this time everything was good, but not as noteworthy. We walked in on a Monday night without a reservation and got seated right away. Service was friendly and it was overall a good experience.
I do love the details and the restaurant is gorgeous
Spanish mackerel with green papaya and other. I liked the "salad" on top, very refreshing and light, though some pieces of the mackerel were a little fishy and overcured
Foie Gras Ganache with Carob and a gastrique. It was a little too cold when it was served so the flavors were a little dulled. It was good, but didn't wow me, and usually anything with foie wows me
X.O. rice with long beans, good but we could have easily made it at home
Dan Dan Noodles with Kurobuta pork and Szechuan peppercorns. I still love this dish. I've been on a Szechuan kick, trying the dandan noodles at places like Lucky Noodle King in the San Gabriel Valley (written about by J. Gold), but I still prefer this one, even though its almost 3x the price
Side of Brussels Sprouts with chili garlic and sesame. Just a little too salty for my tastes
Hot and Sour Gimlet: great drink with just the right balance of heat and acidity
Complimentary dessert: pineapples with tapioca and sorbet with pomegranate seeds and panna cotta. Both were delicious and the perfect after dinner treat
3239 Helms Ave
Culver City, CA

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