Saturday, May 14, 2011

'Inoteca and the Truffled Egg Toast

On my last night in NYC, A & I went to dinner at 'inoteca, an old favorite. We went to the newer version at 24th and 3rd Ave as opposed to the original Lower East Side location since it was more convenient, but we ordered all my usual favorite dishes. Highlight for me is always the truffled egg toast, it's one of my all-time favorite NYC dishes and I order it every time I visit 'ino in the West Village or 'inoteca. It's the most perfect combination of runny egg, melted fontina, truffle oil in a hollowed out thick piece of toast over asparagus. Over the years, the toast has shrunk and they've gotten stingier with the asparagus, but the flavors are still there. All in all, we had a delightful and reasonably priced meal, they have plenty of wine around $30 a bottle and we ordered a ton of food with plenty of leftovers.
Antipasto plate
The One and Only Truffled Egg Toast
Spaghetti with Spring Ramps (I never see ramps in LA, but tis the season in NYC right now)
Side of Kale (a free extra)
Peas with ricotta: this was the only disappointing dish as the peas tasted like they were previously frozen, boo
Lasagnette with eggplant

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