Friday, May 20, 2011

Nick's Cove Review: One Last Oyster Stop

My camera ran out of batteries on the last day so all subsequent pictures are with an old point and shoot.
We couldn't leave Point Reyes in the morning without one last oyster fix so we stopped at Nick's Cove for a little oyster snack. Nick's Cove is more of an actual sit-down restaurant and correspondingly more expensive and a little more pretentious than our two previous stops, The Marshall Store and Drake's Bay. While the oysters were good, I gotta say, I still prefer both the oysters, ambiance and even service (as little as there was) of the other two places. Plus, the oysters weren't cleanly shucked at Nick's Cove; there were little pieces of shell in a couple and the oysters were still attached to the bottom shell. K. did a much better job at Drake's Bay. Service was a little condescending and fake, maybe because we only ordered two starters, although the price of our meal was way more than Drake's Bay and almost more than The Marshall Store, for way less food. I'll definitely be returning to The Marshall Store and Drake's Bay but not Nick's Cove.
BBQ oysters
"Nick"erfeller oysters with tarragon butter. I like the traditional rockefeller presentation better

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