Friday, May 13, 2011

NYC Neighborhoods Part II: Downtown

Some of my favorite neighborhoods, including Chinatown for cheap eats and Di Palo's, Soho for shopping, and the Village for general hanging out...
I love the cobblestone streets of Soho
Uniqlo! I didn't do much shopping but bought two UV Cut cardigans on special promotion for $20 each. Was not impressed by the Charlotte Ronson or Costello Tagliapietra collaborations in stores. Love some of the +J line
Looking north up Broadway
Courthouse near City Hall
Chinatown, Eldridge Street
One of the many Chinatown produce stands on Mott, this one selling durian
Chinatown is one of the few neghborhoods that don't change a lot year over year with the exception of the occasional trendy bar
Di Palo's, my favorite!
One of the Di Palo windows. I could really go for one of those Parmigiano Reggiano wheels and a leg of cured meat
Little Italy. Restaurants are meh and seem to be closing year after year
Bleecker and Broadway, a block from one of my old apartments on Mulberry Street
Washington Square Park


  1. I live across the street from LV now!

  2. It's a great street, I should have taken the picture from the opposite side!



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